How does Bravecto work efficiently while fighting against fleas and ticks?

When you are applying something and giving something to eat to your dear pets, you must know how that works. If it is useful and till how long it does work is another question you must ask.

Bravecto is an oral and effective flea and tick prevention product. Bravecto comes in tasty and chewable tablet form. Also, the Bravecto topical solution is helpful for cats and dogs which has a non-greasy and easy to apply texture. I have some pets, and I have faced the flea and tick problems in them more often.


Flea and Ticks are both blood-sucking parasites that affect your pets, especially the warm-blooded mammals. The insects survive on blood, and they cause several health problems in your pets. Fleas and Ticks are visually different as the Fleas are six-legged insects, whereas the ticks have eight legs and look like spiders.


how long does it take for Bravecto to work

The ticks generally target any animal. Fleas are more comfortable, harming the furry animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. The insects bite the skin of their host and suck the blood from their body. I can still remember how it felt when I saw one of the dogs getting affected by this insect. It was terrifying.


Now, when we have Bravecto with us, we can fight the problem quickly. Bravecto is a proven and very active medication to treat the flea and tick problem in cats and dogs.

Bravecto is a completely in effect product that keeps your pets safe, from fleas and ticks. Bravecto works efficiently upon any disease that can be caused due to these parasites. The active ingredient that Bravecto has is called Fluralaner. Fluralaner is entirely safe while killing fleas and ticks from the body of your pet. When ingested, the active ingredient reaches the tissue fluids very promptly below the skin of your dogs. The fleas and Ticks who are swallowing on your pet’s blood have the medicine along and die.

There is another topical solution of Bravecto for cats and dogs too. There is no chewable and oral product for cats as of now. The topical solution works more rapidly than the tablet. It reaches the tissue fluids and helps to kill the fleas and ticks in a shorter period.


Fluralaner is an orally administered insecticide or acaricide, approved by the FDA in May 2014. The trading name of the component is Bravecto. In February 2014 the EU adopted the drug. The component inhibits y-aminobutyric acid and GABA chloride and L-Glutamate channels.


Bravecto is the best and trustworthy medicine to work rapidly on fleas and ticks. It also provides long lasting protection for up to 12 weeks on a single dose. Bravecto starts working and kills insects’ within 2 hours of consumption in dogs. All the four tick species are killed by Bravecto; they are Lone Star Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Black-legged Tick, and American Dog Tick. Bravecto not only kill the fleas and ticks and prevent infestations but also prevents the development of new parasites in the pet’s body. It breaks the flea life cycles from the egg stage to adulthood.


Bravecto is indeed very safe for the pets. Though I heard about the medicine way long before when I started using it for my pets. I had lot many questions like how long does it take for Bravecto to work on my dogs, if it’s safe etc. My veterinary doctor also prescribed the same for my affected pets. It not 0nly works on fleas and ticks to kill them, but also destroys all the possibility of other diseases to happen in your pets. It is entirely safe, but there are few things you must keep in mind to ignore any side-effects:

  • The Bravecto topical and Bravecto chews are safe to use for your pet dogs
  • For cats, there is Bravecto topical which too is applied to your cat’s skin
  • If your dogs and cats are more than 6 months old, Bravecto is completely safe for them.
  • Your dogs must weigh a minimum of 4.4 pounds, whereas the minimum weighing criteria for your cat is 2.6 pounds.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Bravecto to be safe for three times recommended use. It means that the risk of using Bravecto is way lesser than the benefits of using that. A field study was organized with a considerable number of 294 dogs, and Bravecto was applied to them. They were convinced with the result of how long does it take Bravecto to work on the pets. No reported side effects were found, except some of the dogs found vomiting.

There are very insignificant and not life taking side affects you can see in your pets while applying Bravecto on them. The side effects may comprise:

  • Vomiting
  • Laziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Reduced Appetite etc.


Pet health experts or veterinary doctors are the prescribers of medicine. You can get the prescription from your Veterinary doctor and other medical shops. It is prescribed to use Bravecto every three months to save your dogs and cats from fleas and ticks. It is available in single-dose packages varied from 2 to 56 Kilograms. One single dosage of Bravecto gives a three months protection against insects and a four months protection from ticks. It is entirely safe to provide Bravecto with to your dog at any time of the day.  It is advisable to give Bravecto to your dog at the time of feeding him.



I am writing this to share my experience while curing one of my pet dogs from ticks and the understanding of using a complete new drug “Bravecto” and Bravecto flea and tick side effects.

Do you know there are pests which are feed on your furry, warm pets? Yes! My Bruno (my pet dog of 3 years) has recently been affected by the parasite. The flea and the ticks are such insects which sucks your pet’s blood. Which causes health problems to your pets like allergic reactions to tick-borne severe issues.

Along with talking about the side-effects, you will also get to know about how long do Bravecto side effects last. Read till the end.

It is intimidating, right, to see your pet suffering? It is scarier in real. Your pet suffers a lot due to the infection caused by the insect.

Can the problem dues to Flea and Tick Be Cured?

Yes, why not? When there is disease, there are remedies too. Merck Animal Health’s new and improved medication “Bravecto” can completely cure your pets of the parasite.

How long do bravecto side effects last

How it works on your Pet Safely?

The ectoparasiticide works directly on GABA receptors in insects and is from the Isoxazoline group. Even after a single dose of Bravecto works well on the infection. It can safely, quickly and effectively kill fleas’ within 12 hours of the consumption.  The consumption of medicine can refrain Borrelia burgdorferi to get transmitted to your pet. Borrelia burgdorferi causes Lyme disease. Bravecto kills every species of ticks like Amblyomma; a lone star ticks, Rhipicephalus; the brown dog tick, Ixodes; the hard shell deer tick, etc.

How to intake Bravecto to preclude the side effects?

Bravecto is an all-new pork-flavored, hydrolyzed ectoparasiticide that has been own by the pet owner community like us. The veterinary surgeons do rely on the drug. As the medicine is chewable, it is comfortable and safe to be given to your pets. Bravecto comes in multiple sizes (1400 mg, 1000mg, 500mg, 250 mg, and 11.5 mg) and is prescribed to the pet according to the need of the pet. To prevent Bravecto side effects seizures, because of over dosage, it is to be given only once in 12 weeks, to your dog who is 6 months old. If there is a severe infection, Bravecto can be administrated every 8 weeks.

Is there any Side Effects of Bravecto?

Though Bravecto has an active ingredient like Fluralaner and is proven to be very safe, I noticed a few side effects in my dog. The side effects of Bravecto is not at all life taking but it may unease your pet to the core.

After the very first dosage, my dog started feeling nausea and thirsty. He puked several times and was feeling dull and lazy, but it is not necessary for your pet too. Though the common Bravecto side-effects you may notice are

  • Laziness and Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Increased thirst
  • Decreased hunger
  • Diarrhea
  • Flatulence etc.

You might not notice any side effect or even may see more than just one side effects after the first dosage. Few of the pet owners I met in the Veterinary clinic also shared that they faced Bravecto side effects seizures disorder in their dogs after they give them Bravecto. Though seizures is a prevalent disorder that may bring into being without a prior diagnosis.

Is there any Bravecto skin side effects?

Though itching is a very common habitual activity for the pets, Bravecto side effects itching can be noticed. If you notice you’re pet to itch more often and more vigorously than it does normally, I will suggest you to consult your doctor as early as possible.

Things that can help you to avoid the side effects in your pet:

When my dog started feeling dull and puckish, I usually got worried. That is pretty obvious for a pet owner who cares for the pet like a family member. I called my veterinary surgeon, and I also suggest you all use the medicine under doctor’s supervision.

The medicine is only available with doctor’s supervision, but it is always better to ask your doctor even you are repeating, feeding your cat with the medication since a more prolonged period now to avoid Bravecto side effects in cats.

Don’t be late if you notice anything unusual. As chronic flea or seizure may cost the life of your pet. It is not to scare you, but to make you alert to be extra caring.

Be sure your dog or cat is at least 6 months old and has a minimum weight of 4.4 pounds and 2.6 pounds respectively.

Don’t forget to ask your doctor about the preferred dosage or size which is suitable for your pet exclusively. Another medical background of your pet may vary the dosage with the dosage the doctor will prescribe to my pet.

The dog owners must make sure that their dogs are not hypersensitive to the composition of Bravecto. I will suggest you share with your doctor if the dogs have had any seizure disorder record to avoid any further Bravecto side effects in dogs.