Things to know about Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs

I know how difficult it is to see your pet in woe. You find them scrabbling their body, licking the body more often and how helplessly your pets try to use the hands. Yes! Your dog might have got affected by the parasites we call Fleas and Ticks.

The bug in your dog’s body creates a state of prodigious irritation. Why not it be? The insect feeds on your dog’s blood and bites it while doing so.

Now your dog needs severe help from you. For my dogs, Bravecto has proven to be a revolutionary spot on tick treatment for dogs. It can be equally helpful for your dog too, to fight against these parasites. It stops them from spreading and help your pet to stay safe from other diseases that may cause due to the parasite bite.


The key ingredient of Bravecto is called Fluralaner. Fluralaner is an anti-parasite and is safe for your pets’ skin while it can kill the fleas and ticks from the root. Basically, these parasites feed on your pet’s blood and stay stick to your pet’s body.

The spot on the solution of Bravecto is, in general, an ointment which is applied to your pet’s skin while your pet is either standing or sitting on its stomach. The solution comes with a twist-to-use cap. After you take out the tube from the sachet and after the seal of the ointment is broken, the tube is squeezed, and the cream comes out of it.

To apply the ointment to your pet’s skin, you need to part the body hair and vertically place the pipette tip against the skin. Now you can squeeze the tube and can apply the ointment to 1 to 4 places on the pet’s skin.

Don’t overuse the medicine or don’t apply it directly on any skin scratches. Allow it to dry for the next 24 hours and till then don’t allow your dog to swim or don’t wash the pet’s skin.


The active ingredient of the medicine, Fluralaner gets absorbed to the skin of your pet, and it gets inducted into the bloodstream of your dog. Now when the fleas and ticks come to drink the blood of your pet, they feed on the contaminated blood and die.

Bravecto can destroy the life cycle of fleas and ticks, and it gives a 6months protection from fleas and 4 months’ protection from ticks. The Bravecto spot on for cats provides 3 months’ protection to both.


Yes, of course. Where Bravecto is the only one chewable, oral treatment for fleas and ticks in dogs, there is spot on solutions of many other brands with different key ingredients.

Bravecto has different spot-on solutions for both: cats and dogs. Another effective spot-on solution for dogs to treat fleas and ticks is Frontline.

Flea tick Frontline spot on dogs comes like the same spot-on solution as Bravecto does. The active ingredients of Frontline are fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Once the solution is applied to the dog’s skin, it gets into the oil glands of your dog, and it works in the same way as Bravecto does.

It gives complete one-month protection to your dog with a single application of the solution. The solution starts working within 4 hours on fleas and takes a maximum of 12 hours to kill ticks, from the medicine is applied.


A comparative study of Bravecto and Frontline shows that Bravecto works more effectively on pets in removing fleas and ticks from the root.

Bravecto doesn’t only treat the existing fleas and ticks’ problem but also stops the parasite and kills their eggs and stops them from spreading further. Not only this but unlike any other spot on a solution including Frontline, Bravecto protects your dog from an extended period than others.

It gives a whole 6 months’ protection from fleas and 4 months’ protection from ticks in dogs, whereas Frontline provides protection of one month.

You don’t have to follow a monthly course and can apply once and stay relaxed for the next few months.

But there is a good thing about Frontline and Bravecto is that, both the solution is waterproof and completely safe for your four-legged companion.

One more thing you need to know about both the medicines is that; while Frontline is an OTC (Over The Counter) medicine, you might need to have a veterinary prescription to buy Bravecto.

Now, if I talk about price for both the medicines, then you can compare a 6 months’ supply of Frontline with 3 months’ supply of Bravecto. Plus, when you need to go to the veterinary doctor and the fees you pay; the overall makes Bravecto pricier than Frontline.

WHICH ONE do I recommend?

Even when Bravecto is a little bit pricey than Flea Tick Frontline Spot On, I still prefer to have Bravecto over anything. This is because the medicine is fast, easy and extremely efficacious while treating the fleas and ticks’ infections.

Also, you don’t have to stop yourself from petting your dog. Also, you don’t need to keep your children away from it instead. Bravecto is entirely safe even when your dog is pregnant or nursing.

Now if your cat is an indoor cat, Bravecto is the most suitable, but if it is an outdoor one, I will suggest you go for Frontline, as it is exclusively for outdoor cats.

So if I leave this part, Bravecto is my last choice, and I would love to stick to it.


Bravecto is the name of the revolutionary medicine that is used for dogs to fight against their fleas and ticks treatment. Bravecto has been proven to be very safe, administering on dogs. This oral and chewable medicine is a new addition to other existing fleas and ticks treatment measures. The best thing about Bravecto is that it gives the maximum protection of 12 weeks and starts working in just 2 hours. I got so many questions to answer, but the one I am going to talk about today is – is Bravecto safe for pregnant dogs?

The answer is yes. There is no reason with Bravecto to not being safe for your pregnant dog. The way Bravecto works is completely safe even when your Dog is breeding and lactating. The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner. Fluralaner is very secure in the environment but is harmful to insects. Fleas and Ticks are also insects, which feed on your dog’s blood.

Once you administer Bravecto in your dog, the active ingredient gets mixed with the tissue fluid of your dog. Now when the blood-sucking insects try to feed on your dog’s blood, they get the Fluralaner induced blood. The ingredient is known for paralyzing the insects in short time and afterward killing them from the root.

Bravecto not only works on interrupting the life cycle of the insect but also kill them before they lay eggs. Fleas are sort of insects which dies very fast, whereas ticks take some time to go completely from your dog’s body. Both the insects create great uncomforting and irritation in your dog’s body and leave them with itchiness and other diseases.


As Bravecto is very safe for pregnant dogs too, you can administer the medicine without further hesitation. The veterinary doctors even prescribe Bravecto even when your dogs are pregnant.

Once you apply Bravecto to your dog, there is no restriction in petting and touching your dog. It is safe on human too. There are specific application guidelines you need to follow to ignore the side effects of the medicine. Every medicine shows a few side effects. Doesn’t mean that it will show every impact on your dog too. But if you notice your dog be

•    Vomiting

•    Being lazy and lethargic

•    Losing appetite

Do consider that these are the symptoms that your dog might be having the side effects. The minimum weighing criteria for your dog to be able to eat Bravecto is 4.4 pounds. Bravecto applies to dogs who are at least 6 months older or more. Thus don’t try Bravecto on puppies or other animals.

The label and package insert of Bravecto will give you further information about using the medicine. You can even consult your physician before starting using the drug. It is always advised to follow the age and the dose criteria accordingly. Bravecto comes in 5 different sizes. Every size is applicable for different body weight range. Thus you have to cautious about the body weight of your dog.


The usage of Bravecto may differ from one dog to another. The reason is the seriousness of the insect. Bravecto is the only medicine that works for 3 months in a single dose. Thus it is enough to feed your dog with Bravecto once in 12 weeks. But your veterinary doctor may suggest you some other tips according to your need.

You must ask your doctor before starting the medicine on your dog. An overdose of Bravecto may cause seizures to your dogs. The seizure is life taking when severe.

Bravecto starts working within 2 hours on fleas and 12 hours is the maximum time to work on ticks for Bravecto. Bravecto is better than any other medicine for the reason that you don’t have to follow a monthly routine to apply Bravecto on your dogs.


  • Consult your doctor before using the medicine. If you notice any unusual changes in your dog like fever or little bumps on the body, don’t ignore and rush to your doctor soon.
  • The flavor of the medicine is very approachable for dogs. They might eat the drug easily if given directly. But it is better to mix the drug with foods and administering to dogs.
  • Follow the weight range and dosage instructions properly while administering the medicine.
  • The insects can be stacked to your dog’s body even after death. The insects have tiny stings to do so. Thus if you see dead insects fixed to your dog’s body don’t panic, you can get them removed by merely brushing out. Dead ticks are not hard to get eliminated like alive insects are.
  • Store the medicine as per the storage instruction and keep it away from children’s reach.

You can read my previous blogs of comparing other medicines with Bravecto. You will only find out that Bravecto is the best pick from every aspect and this is one of those medicines you can entirely rely upon to treat your dog. Take care of your pets.


Bravecto and Comfortis both are neurotoxins which interrupts the life cycle of fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks are two different parasites which bother your pets a lot. It sticks to your pet’s body and makes a living on your pet’s blood. Both the medicines work by getting mixed to the tissue fluids of your pets and by reaching to the parasites while they suck your pet’s blood.

Though the medicines belong to the same class, they have noticeable differences which make them either a pick or a reject to its users. I personally prefer Bravecto because it suits my pets. Doesn’t mean that you have to follow what I say. You must read the article before you go for any medication for your pets.


Bravecto and Comfortis, both are the chewable, oral solution for your pet (especially for dogs). Comfortis has a chewable solution for cats too, but Bravecto has a topical spot-on solution for cats. Both the medicines come in flavors and are proven to be very useful while fighting against the parasite on your pet’s body. Have a look at some common factors and their differences in the two medicines.



Fluralaner is the active ingredient of Bravecto. Fluralaner is a parasiticide which is very useful while interrupting the life cycle of fleas and ticks. The component is not keen on repelling insects but on those who live on your pet’s blood. This FDA approved medicine paralyzes the insect who ingest the medication indirectly from the host’s body. It doesn’t affect the nervous system of your pets, but it harms the insect and kill it from roots.

The side effects of the medicine include;

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy etc.


This is an oral and chewable pill. The medicine can be ingested to your pet’s body by giving directly to them. You can even prefer to mix the dose with food and administer to your dog. The spot-on solution for cats is to be applied to your cat’s skin. It works similarly by mixing to the tissue fluids and reaching to the insect’s body.


Both the form of medicines, the chewable and the topical one give the same coverage from fleas and ticks. It works for three months while fighting against the insect. 


The Bravecto chewable pill comes in a pork flavor which is a savor to relish for your dogs. My dogs especially loved the taste of the medicine. As per the study, 91% of the dogs who have been ingested with the medication take the medication happily, without any hassle.


There are some limitations while ingesting Bravecto to your pets. Your cats and dogs have to be at least six months old to be able to digest the medication. The dogs must have a minimum weight of 4.4 pounds, and the cats must weigh 2.6 pounds minimum.



A natural substance named Spinosad is the active ingredient of Comfortis. It prevents the insects from eating and causing death to them. The material is found in the soil and is less harmful to the environment. The side effects may be like;

  • Vomiting
  • Stomach issues
  • Diarrhoea
  • Lethargy etc.


This is an oral and chewable pill. The medicine can be ingested to your pet’s body by giving directly to them. Comfortis chewable is available for both; cats and dogs too. There is no topical solution available for Comfortis.


A single dose of Comfortis lasts for a single month. It is active on the fleas and ticks for one month.


Comfortis comes in a beef flavor for both; cats and dogs too.


Bravecto costs you around $60 for a single dosage. Whereas Comfortis costs you approximately $90 for six months. A single use of Bravecto lasts for 3 months. Thus if you count per month, it costs you $20. Comfortis costs you around $15 per month. Therefore Bravecto seems to be a bit more expensive than Comfortis is.

But you will get an extra coverage form ticks if you choose Bravecto over Comfortis. I will give a winning vote to Bravecto as I am pretty much satisfied with the medicine. I don’t have to worry for three months once applied for the dose on my pet’s body.


If you are looking for an oral medication for your dog, then I will recommend Bravecto because of its more extended protection. No other medicine will last as long as Bravecto does. Bravecto releases the toxins slowly which protects your pet while affecting the insect. Comfortis has oral medication for cats too. But if you want to apply the topical solution on your cats, you can still stick to Bravecto. For the cats also it gives a three months protection.

Comfortis can be given to your pets who are as young as 14 weeks. Thus if you want a medication to start earlier, then you may prefer to have Comfortis. But the minimum weight range is 5 pounds for your dogs and 4.1 pounds for your cats.

To get started, both the medicine will need a veterinary prescription, and you must go with what your doctor suggests.


A comparative study of two neurotoxins on working against fleas and ticks.

Is your pet is tired of itching all day long, even after applying medication for a long time? Then this is the right time to change what you are using now. Fleas and ticks are the most common ectoparasite, which feasts on your pet’s blood. So if your pet is still suffering, you must think about switching the medication soon.

I know most of you, who are depending on other medication for your dogs, to treat fleas and ticks. You are ingesting oral medicines like Simparica. I am using Bravecto for a long time now. SO today I am guiding you to get the right pick for you. Here is my Bravecto vs. Simparica; a comparative study of the two medicines.


Though both the medicines are effective while working on the irritating parasite, they are not likely to each other. Like any two medicines for the same disease, these two have some comparisons, which helps us to get the right one for our pets. Though veterinary doctors can prescribe any of them, you must know the differences they have in them. There are many chewable available in the market.  They come in different flavors, size and packaging. The most important thing that grabbed my attention towards Bravecto is the “3 months Protection” thing. Bravecto protects the pets for a more extended period than any other medicines does till date. One dose and 12 weeks of protection is something interesting, isn’t it? Now we have to see that if the effectiveness of Simparica can compete Bravecto.


If you are looking to simplify your dog’s medication against fleas and ticks, then Bravecto is the best choice for you. The three months protection will help your dog to fight against the insect only after one dosage. There is a rare chance of missing the cycle of the medication. Thy flea cycle lasts longer. Thus this method is going to work better.

But if you are looking for once in a month medication cycle, then Simparica is what you choose. Both the medicines are of the same class of neurotoxin. They are instrumental in every way. If you want such a drug which can stay in your pet’s system, then Simparica is what you must get for your dogs.

I know it is tough to decide what to pick from both. Let me take a few more factors and discuss. I will let you know some fundamental difference between Bravecto and Simparica. You can choose any of them according to the element that you consider to work for your dog.

Active Ingredient:

The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner. Fluralaner is a systematic neurotoxin, which works on the neurological system of a parasite. It kills  the life cycle of the fleas and ticks from the root and prevents them from further breeding. It kills the newly borne fleas even before they can lay eggs. It works till 3 months after the ingestion.

Sarolaner is the active ingredient of Simparica. The neurotoxin works effectively on fleas and ticks and also on some other insects. It works for 35 days after the single ingestion.


Bravecto comes in an oral and chewable tablet form. The taste of this medicine is pork, which your dog will not only like, but will crave for it. The study has seen that the dogs who have been ingested with the tablet directly, 91% of them have taken medicine happily.

Simparica comes in a liver-flavored chewable form of medication. Your dog will definitely like the flavor of the medicine if you apply it directly.


The packages of three Simparica tablets and one Bravecto tablet cost almost the same. As you need to apply only one dose of Bravecto in three months, and one dose of Simparica in every month, Bravecto is a bit cheaper than Simparica. The pack of three tablets will give you a total of 3 months of protection, whereas one tablet will last for 3 months as well.


Bravecto and Simparica both are proven to work well, fighting against fleas and ticks. After applying a single dose of Bravecto, it starts working within 2 hours on ticks and within 12 hours on ticks. Whereas after applying SImparica it starts working on fleas within 3 hours and within 8 hours it will start working on insects. If you can see that Bravecto is quite less effective on ticks but works very good on fleas.


Bravecto is the only medicine for cats as of now. Simparica doesn’t have any medication for cats. Bravecto has a topical solution for cats. The spot-on solution is to apply on the affected area of the cats, and it works in the same way, the chewable medicine does. The drug gets mixed with the body fluid and is carried to the tissues. It kills the fleas and ticks which are relied on the cat’s blood for a living.

Simparica is not safe for cats, and thus Bravecto is the only choice you have.


Even after the comparative study of the two medicines, I still recommend Bravecto. It is easy to apply. You don’t have to count any monthly routine to use the medicine on your dog or cat. Once applied it will work up to 3 months.

You can switch to Simparica on your pet only if you are looking for a monthly medication. The overall effectiveness of Bravecto is outstanding. In your cats also you need to apply Bravecto just once in three months, and it will work the same way the chewable medicine does.


1.    Remember there are a few rules and regulations regarding the age and the weight of your dog and cat while ingesting Bravecto in them, Follow as your veterinary doctor says about that.

2.    Before and after the treatment, don’t give anything new to eat for your dog. It may be allergic to your dog, and the reason may seem to be unfathomable.

3.    There can be some side effects, you can notice, after applying Bravecto to your dog. Though it is easy to see and easy to cure. But consult your doctor if you notice something unusual.

4.    You can still pet your dog and also can touch it, even if you are applying for the medicine on him. The medication is only harmful to parasites, and there is no side effect of the drugs on humans.

Bravecto is an aesthetic medicine for them who don’t want to keep track of their dog’s medication every month. But before choosing anything for your pet don’t forget to consult your doctor once. It is the safest way to help your dog and help it to be prevented from any other diseases caused by side effects.


There are two FDA approved products to fight against fleas and ticks in your pets: Nexgard and Bravecto. Merial made Nexgard and Bravecto is manufactured by Merck. To choose the best product, as I said before, I have used a few of the medication to help my pets to cure of the insect.
Nexgard was introduced first in the market and after that Bravecto came. Both the products belong to the same chemical family.
Today I am helping you to choose the best product for your pets. Here I am giving you a comparative study of Bravecto and Nexgard. Have a look.
Bravecto: To ingest your dog with Bravecto, it has to be at least 6 months old or more and weighing 4.4 pounds minimum. There are different sizes available for Bravecto in the market. According to the weight and age of your dog, you can ingest Bravecto to your dog.

Nexgard: Nexgard is completely safer to ingest if your dog is at least 8 weeks older and has a weight of 4 pounds.

Both the products come in the form of chewable tablets. The two of them works on killing fleas and ticks from the dog’s skin. However, there are some significant differences between the products. I will take the factors one by one and will compare both the medicines.
Dosage: In this factor, Bravecto wins the game. Just after only one dosage, Bravecto gives overall protection from fleas and ticks for three months to your dogs. There is not any chance of a missed dose every month.

Whereas Nexgard is a monthly applicable oral pill. Means that, you have to ingest Nexgard every month to your dog.
For the Cats, Bravecto doesn’t have oral medication. There is a topical solution to apply to the cat’s skin. The spot-on solution also gives 8 weeks to 12 weeks of protection to your cats. Nexgard neither has an oral medication nor a spot-on solution for the cats.

Active Ingredients:
The active ingredient of Nexgard is Afoxolaner. Afoxolaner is a neurotoxin which is useful in killing pests. It works within 24 hours of application and kills fleas and ticks off your dog’s body. It helps in killing 100% of the parasite from your dog’s body, and it is to ingest Nexgard frequently, like once in a month.
Fluralaner is also a systematic neurotoxin, which is also the active ingredient of Bravecto. Fluralaner is an active parasiticide and starts working within 2 hours of application. The efficacy of the medication lasts for 3 months after only a single use.
Price: If you compare both the medicines, you will find that for a three-month dosage of Nexgard, Bravecto is almost $50 more expensive in its single dosage.
Both the medicine comes in the flavours which are favorable to your dogs. Bravecto comes in a secure chewable form and pork flavor. Whereas Nexgard also comes in a chewable form and has beef taste in it.

The flavors of the medicines help to ingest it quickly to your dogs. Though you can give both the medication to your dog directly, it is suggested to mix the dose with the food and then give it to your dogs. You have to make sure that your dog gets a total dosage of any of the drugs.

Side Effects:
Both the medicines are well researched and has decidedly fewer side effects. Nexgard was applied to 415 dogs and Bravecto to 294 dogs. There are significant symptoms like vomiting, feeling lethargic, decreased appetite, diarrhoea, etc. which are curable. When applied Bravecto, less than 7.1% of dogs were found with the adverse reaction. Whereas when asked with Nexgard less than 4% of dogs were found to get affected by the adverse effect.

Nexgard doesn’t have any medication for cats. Bravecto has a spot-on solution to apply to the cat’s skin. Which works in the same way as the Bravecto chewable pills work on dogs. It gets mixed up with the tissue fluids under the cat’s skin and kills the parasites which are feed on the cat’s blood.

It is never advised to give your cats, those products which are made for dogs. Though it is tough to keep your cats completely safe from fleas and ticks. Most of the cats are indoor and outdoor both. Though the Bravecto spot-on solution works well on cats to some extent.

I am a complete Bravecto fan. For me, Bravecto worked well for both of my pets. My dogs now like Bravecto, and also my veterinary doctor suggested me to be stuck on the medicine.

Bravecto is way better in many ways. It gives a complete three months protection to my pets, and thus I never missed a single dosage of the medicine.
For Nexgard you have to be cautious because you need to ingest the medicine every month to your dog’s body. Also in the age factor also Nexgard play a vital job. You can give your dog Nexgard if they are just 8 weeks old. For Bravecto your dogs need to be at least 6 months old.
Bravecto is also safe for your dog if it is pregnant or nursing. Overall Bravecto is my first choice, and I would like to recommend to ask your doctor before you settle for any of the medicines.


If you have ever been to a medical store with a prescription to buy medicines, you already know about the process. Most of the medical store will ask you to fill up a prescription form. When you or any of your family members get sick, your doctor diagnoses and give you a prescription. There are many medicines which are available at the counter, and you don’t need to feel a form for it. But the question arises, do you need a prescription for Bravecto?


Before knowing either you can buy Bravecto without a vet prescription, you must understand why you do need it. Bravecto is a new and effective medication for cats and dogs suffering from fleas and ticks. If you have pets for a more extended period now, you must know what fleas and ticks are. But if you haven’t faced the problem yet with your pet, then I will tell you. Fleas and ticks are wingless insects harm the warm-blooded mammals, especially dogs and cats. The insect survives on the host’s blood. These insects have a very sharp mouth which helps them to suck the blood from its host’s body.


These blood-sucking parasites appear in black and brown in color. They are very tiny in size, and they can quickly jump from one animal to another. From the sides, their bodies are flattened and the spikes in their mouth, back and legs help them to stick firmly on the animal body. These insects cause discomfort to your pet’s body. Here are a few symptoms you can notice to understand that your pet is getting affected by fleas and ticks.


Abnormal Itching: The fleas bite the skin of your pet. They suck blood from every part of your pet’s body. Once the fleas reach to your pet’s body, it may be anywhere on its skin including the tail, head, armpit, neck, etc. When the insects start biting your pet’s skin, they start licking and itching their own body vigorously. If you can notice any such symptom don’t waste your time thinking if you do you need a prescription for Bravecto for dogs. You start using Bravecto from right then. Bravecto is safe and doesn’t have any massive side effect.

Losing Hair: While licking and scratching their body, your pets can have their body hair along. Thus their hair starts losing from their body. Though there are many other problems when your pets can lose hair. But if you doubt it to be a flea attack, you can get Bravecto without vet prescription to help your pet the earliest.

Unusual Patches: The saliva of the insects while biting can be there on your pet’s skin. The saliva can be allergic to some of your cats and dogs too. The hypersensitivity of your pet’s coat can have allergic reactions to any part of their body. The allergy doesn’t stay exclusively to the area where bitten. It can spread anywhere and can leave unusual patches on your cat’s skin. If you find any such spots hurry up and grab Bravecto. Don’t give a second thought or do you need a prescription for Bravecto for cats.


Small Bumps: Though it looks like a more prominent rash on your pet’s body if you find any bump on the skin doesn’t ignore it. The first sign of a tick’s bite is a small bump on the pet body. If you can feel any such bum while touching your pet, it is probably getting affected by ticks. You can get Bravecto without vet prescription right away.

High body temperature: If there is changing body temperature in your pet’s body beware. It can be the insect tick which has bitten your pet’s skin. The very symptoms of tick effects are mild or high fever along with weakness, losing appetite, shivering, panting and even feeling lethargic. The heat can last for only one day to a week. Get Bravecto without vet prescription from your nearby drugstore.


Along with many other topical solutions for fleas and ticks, Bravecto topical is also purchasable without vet prescription. But while buying the oral medicine of Bravecto, you might need to have a valid veterinary order. The oral pills, which are chewable and are available for dogs only, are very active. The oral pills work faster than the spot-on solution.

If you leave these fleas and ticks untreated at the right time, it may cause some harsh life taking a disease like a seizure, plague, etc. Some of these fleas and ticks can reach the stomach of your pet. Your pet can also get infected by tapeworms. Thus it is essential to treat these insects from the root. It can prevent any further problems with your pets. To handle this flea bites in your dogs, you can get Bravecto without vet prescription UK also. 


The two completely different form of medication, for the same expected result. The real competition is who works more effectively in curing fleas and ticks; Bravecto or Frontline. I have tried both the medicines on my own pets. Here I am giving you a related article to consider which one you do prefer.


Bravecto is a chewable, oral medication for your pets (for dogs only), suffering from fleas and ticks. There is also a topical solution for the cats. One dose of Bravecto works for 12 weeks to fight against the parasite on the animal’s body. In the other hand, Frontline is a spot-on solution to apply to your pet’s flea, and tick affected the skin. Frontline is a monthly medication, and unlike Bravecto it is must to apply Frontline every month on your pet’s skin.


Bravecto has chewable and oral medication for dogs. There is decidedly less or almost no side effects if your dog is ingested with Bravecto. Frontline is a spot on solution. The research has said that the oral medication of Bravecto has much more efficacy then Frontline topical solution. Also, Bravecto is more efficient while keeping your dog safe for 3 months after the very first dosage.


Here the competition will be a little different. Both of the medicine is in the form of a spot-on solution. Now the comparison is like, Frontline is waterproof whereas Bravecto is not. The safety of Bravecto for pregnant and nursing cats has not been established yet. Bravecto is just appropriate if your cat is more an indoor pet and not an outdoor one. Plus it will give you overall protection for 3months. Which will save a lot of money of the emergency room for sure


Though both the medications use neurotoxins, they have different types of efficacy. The key differences can be in many other points, but here I will discuss some of the most critical points. Method of delivery, flavor, price, and ingredients are the factors I have chosen to talk about.

Frontline Vs. Bravecto:

Method of Delivery:

Bravecto is available in two forms; one in oral and the other in a spot on solution. The oral medication is a chewable and easy to digest tablet. Which can be given to your dog directly or missing with food.

Frontline comes in only one form, and that is a topical solution. The chewable Bravecto and Frontline both are waterproof and works well. But the Bravecto topical solution is not that water resistant as Frontline is.

Both the medicines start working on fleas and ticks within some hours. Bravecto prevents your pets for three months, whereas Frontline is to be applied every month on your pet’s skin. Bravecto is good for the cats who don’t go out very frequently. Both of the medicines help to kill the parasite from its roots and stop them from spreading any other diseases.


As Frontline is not eatable and is a topical solution only, it does not have any taste. The Bravecto topical solution also doesn’t have any flavor. The chewable form Bravecto has a pork flavor, and it is delicious for your furry chap.


The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner. Fluralaner is a pesticide and is approved by the Food and Drug Association of the USA. It starts working within a few hours of application. It not only help your pets to fight against fleas and ticks but also breaks the flea cycle.

Fipronil is the active ingredient of Frontline. It works on breaking the breeding cycle of the parasite. It is able to kill both, eggs and larva and fights until they are completely gone. You can notice the effect of the component within 12 hours of application. It requires to apply Fipronil monthly to maintain the efficacy of the medicine.


If I now compare the cost of both the medicines, Bravecto is $20 more expensive than Frontline. But the overall efficiency of Bravecto and the protection of 12 weeks make it more valuable.

Once applied your pets will be safe for the next 3 months, whereas Frontline is to be used every month. Plus Bravecto has an extra effect in preventing the fleas from returning, over Frontline.


After the comparative study, I prefer Bravecto with all my heart and soul. Bravecto is easy to apply, fast and very useful. The 3 months protection is an extra benefit and therefore the chances of missing the medication afterward in negligible.

You don’t have to stop petting tour dogs and cats while applied with the medicine. Also, the drug is entirely safe when touched by children. Also, Bravecto is completely safe even if your dog is pregnant. Overall Bravecto is a better choice over Frontline.



The Food and Drug Administration of the USA approved the use of Fluralaner (Bravecto Ingredient) in animals in 2014. Since then Bravecto has proven itself to be an excellent medicine to fight against fleas and ticks in pet dogs. Bravecto is also efficient while keeping the dogs safe for up to 12 weeks from the same insect.


Bravecto is a veterinary medicine used to treat fleas and ticks in animals. The topical or the spot-on solution of Bravecto is for both, the cats and the dogs. The chewable, oral pills are especially for dogs. Both forms of medicine is available in different strength and for different weights.


The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner. Fluralaner is an effective insecticide and tick-icide and is non-competitive Gama Amino-butyric acid (GABA) receptor. This is much more GABA receptor in insects than mammals. It transmits neuronal signals in muscle and nerve cells and is bound to chloride channels. It blocks the ion movement and paralyzes and kills the insects.

Fluralaner acts as an ectoparasiticide. It kills the parasite and leaves them on the skin of the animal or the furs. It helps to reduce the contamination of the medicine in the environment by working rapidly on the insects. Fluralaner kills the fleas even before they can lay eggs for their next cycle.

The medical committee of medicinal products for veterinary use found that Fluralaner has more benefits than risks. The medicine was thus approved. Fluralaner belongs to the therapeutic class named isoxazolines.

Bravecto Ingredients



Multiple studies were held before approving the medicines. The medicine has very reasonable and curable side effects. The most frequent adverse drug reactions are as follows:

Vomiting: In dogs- 7% with the chewable tablets and 6.3% with the topical solution.

                  In cats – 7.6 % with the topical solution.

Diarrhea: In dogs- 5% with the chewable tablets and 2.7% with the topical solution.

                  In cats – 4.9 % with the topical solution.

Lethargy: In dogs- 5.5% with the chewable tablets and 2.7% with the topical solution.

                  In cats – 3.1 % with the topical solution.

Decreased Appetite: In dogs- 6.7% with chewable tablets and 1.4% with the topical solution.

                     In cats – 3.6 % with the topical solution.

Excessive Thirst: In dogs- 2% with the chewable tablets.

Itching: In cats – 7.6 % with the topical solution.

Gas in the intestine: In dogs- 1% with the chewable tablets.

The safety studies for animals show that the pets well tolerate the medicine. Very less of the ingested animals have been affected by its side effects. To chemical residues can be found and thus there is no chance of contamination. Even the humans getting closer to the pets stay harmless from the topical application.


Fluralaner is said to be safe in the environment. Basically it is not harmful for any other animal and human except for what it is made for. It is a proven and harmful medicine for the insects, and thus it is completely allowed to touch your pets even when you are ingesting Bravecto to them. Fluralaner is insoluble in water.

  • There is no report of toxicity of Fluralaner in the environment
  • Under aerobic and anaerobic conditions Fluralaner is very persistent in the soil. Though Fluralaner breaks down under anaerobic conditions, it is very persistent in aerobic conditions in aquatic sediments.
  • When used as recommended in dogs, there is no report of posing a risk on the environment.
  • It is found that Fluralaner is toxic for terrestrial and aquatic arthropods.


To help to save your pet dogs and cats, Fluralaner is suggested to use as per the recommended dosages. Here I an overall dosing reference for Fluralaner.

Dose/kgForm of IngestionParasiteDuration of Protection
25 to 56 mgOralFleas3 months
25 to 56 mgOralTicks8 to 12 weeks
25 to 56 mgTopicalFleas3 Months
25 to 56 mgTopicalTicks8 to 12 weeks
40 to 95 mgTopicalFleas3 months
40 to 95 mgTopicalTicks8 to 12 weeks

Fluralaner is a little similar to sarolaner and afoxolaner. Fluralaner has a regular mode of action. The Fleas and Ticks generally feed on the pet blood. Once the pets are ingested with a single dose of Fluralaner, it reaches the tissue fluids of the pets, and for the next time when the insects bite the animal body, it sucks the medicine induced blood and gets killed. Fluralaner also works against the other diseases that are transmitted by the insects to the animal body.

The mode of action of Fluralaner is antipathy. The medicine can work well. Thus it is prescribed to ingest your pet with a single dose of Bravecto. As you can see above, a single treatment lasts for 12 weeks while fighting against the parasite.


There are not any flavor option for Bravecto as of now. Thus it comes only one flavor, i.e. chewable pork flavor. The researches have seen that the dogs who have given to eat Bravecto, like the flavor of the pill and they willingly intake the capsule. Though you can ingest the medicine directly to your pet, you can even mix it with their food while feeding them.

The FDA approval shows that the medicine is safe as well as works with efficacy. There are many chewable medicines, medicines for fleas and ticks. However, no other drug works as long as Bravecto does. It takes only 2 hours to start working on insects. It works on ticks faster than any other medicines. You can entirely rely on the medication to help your pets to be cured. However, it is always advisable to ask your doctor before starting to use it. The dosages and the frequency may get altered as per the need of the medicine for your pets. Take care of your pet!

Why Did I choose Bravecto over many other oral medicines: Bravecto Reviews

Why Did I chose Bravecto over many other oral medicines: What are Bravecto Reviews?

Bravecto is one of those medicines which worked for my pet 3X faster than any other medication. This chewable Flea and tick treatment lasted for 12 weeks, after only one dosage. The flea cycle in my dog was broken, and other Bravecto for Dogs reviews will consist of some same stories as I am telling you. Bravecto has a record-breaking review of killing 100% ticks just within 12 hours and leave your pet in a comfortable state.


For me, it is not easy to entirely rely on some medicine that easily. Taking Bravecto without vet prescription was even harder. I surfed many pet owners’ personal blog and other pets’ website to get to know about the medication to treat my 3 years old. One thing is very much sure, that your dog doesn’t need to go outside to get affected by flea and ticks. There is a higher possibility in cats to get affected easily than dogs by flea and tick. Even the pet owner can carry the insects inside with their clothes and shoes.

After coming to know about the medicine, I preferred to talk to my veterinary surgeon about it. Also, I had been gone through many Bravecto flea and tick reviews online. Eventually, the responses went in a positive direction, and the way it works on flea and tick is worth giving it a try.  


After consuming for the first time, Bravecto starts working within 2 hours on fleas, and within 12 hours it kills ticks. Many Bravecto topical for cats’ reviews say that once applied it to the base of the skull it takes very less time as compared to any other medicines they tried previously to help their cats heal from flea and ticks.


For me, it was super easy to feed my innocent Dog by mixing it with food. As per other Bravecto reviews and blogs, the research says that 93% of the pets eat Bravecto chewable by themselves or by combining it with their daily food.

bravecto for cats reviews

Bravecto Reviews


For the dogs who weigh at least 4.4 pounds and for the cats who weigh at least 2.6 pounds, Bravecto has a reasonable margin of safety. If you are treating your pet at home for flea and tick, make sure that your puppies and kittens have aged 6 months or elder. The composition of Bravecto is too safe that it is approved for using even when your Dog is breeding, pregnant or lactating.


Even when your dogs and cats are taking any under medication, you can commonly use Bravecto alongside. But it is always suggested to talk to your veterinary doctor before trying anything by yourself. In general, when my dog was affected by flea and ticks for the first time, I decided to solve the problem by grooming him first. Bathing, swimming, shampooing, brushing and every other thing that can help me to get satisfied.

Nothing can work or have an impact as Bravecto can do to your pet for flea and ticks. And how long does Bravecto take to kill fleas? Just 2 hours!! That’s it. The medicine doesn’t have any sign of wheat or gluten in it. It also works well on ticks and fleas which is already there on your pet for a long time now.

As there is the chewable dose for dogs only as of now, your cats can be healed with the Bravecto topical. All you need to do is to apply the treatment in one spot of the skin like on the back of the neck and guess how long does Bravecto last? It will give your cat full body protection for the next 12 weeks. Though there is no such need to apply for the same medicine before 12 weeks, if needed it is better to consult your doctor once before doing so. As I said earlier that Bravecto holds a right margin of safety.


Like any other medication, Bravecto overdose can be harmful to your dogs and cats. If you are giving your dog to chew Bravecto, that is completely fine, but if you are breaking it to mix it to its food then make sure that your dog gets a total dose of the medicine. Also if the drug is broken inside, also be assured for the same thing. It is always prescribed by my veterinary doctor to let my dog consume it once in a 12 week, but if necessary your pet may need it more than just once in the same period.

Don’t apply it without the doctor’s concern. Though Bravecto is safe and has very less and curable side effects overdose of Bravecto can lead your Dog to have a seizure disorder. A chronic seizure can cost the life of your dog, thus be aware. If you notice any unusual but not so severe side effects like puking, weakness, lost appetite, etc. in your dog, be sure that these are very normal and again I will suggest you talk to your doctor for further information.  



If your pet is affected by flea and tick like mine, you must have visited your veterinary doctor. It is always safe to consult your doctor before going for any medication. When I visited my pet’s doctor for the first time with flea and tick problems, he prescribed me the revolutionary medicine Bravecto. Bravecto challenges to protect your pet from flea and ticks for 3 months, only after the single dose.


Bravecto is the safest medication I have ever had for my dogs and cats, and I will recommend it to you too. It works faster than any other medicine and lasts for a longer span. It’s FDA approved and convenient to apply on your pets. Bravecto has chewable tablets for dogs and topical solution for both; dogs and cats.

Well, it is undeniable to have multiple queries about medicine when your doctor has prescribed you. You even must have many things in your mind when you have just started using Bravecto. Here I list a few frequently asked questions and the answers, which will help you to know more about the medicine.

Do I need to use any other insecticide while using Bravecto 3 month flea and Tick pill?

As Bravecto provides adequate protection against fleas and ticks for 12 weeks, there is no need of using any other insecticide while using Bravecto. The dose of Bravecto reaches the tissue fluids, and it is sufficient to kill the insects who are feeding on your dog. With its 3 months protection, it also helps to prevent new flea cycle from coming into action. The fleas and ticks are killed in whichever stage they are, and Bravecto also destroys them even before they lay eggs for the next time.


How does Bravecto Kills Flea and Tick?

Once your dog is fed with this chewable, oral pill or the topical solution is applied to your dogs or cat’s skin, the medicine gets mixed with the tissue fluids. The insects which affected your pets live on sucking the blood from your pet’s body. Once the fleas and ticks get ingested with the Bravecto infused blood, they die. The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner, which is known to be a very long-lasting insecticide.

Can I cuddle my dog after administrating Bravecto?

Why Not? Bravecto for dogs is a chewable and oral tablet. So there is no reason to stop touching your dog when feeding it with Bravecto.

Can I use Bravecto 3 month flea pill for cats or for my other pets?

Bravecto has two types of composition, one which is edible and is primarily prescribed to dogs and the topical solution for both; cats and dogs. No other pets are allowed to be fed on Bravecto. Though it is quite helpful on other furry animals like rabbits to some extent, it is always better to ask your doctor before doing so.

When should I start Bravecto 3 month flea pill for Dogs?

If your dog is at least 8 weeks of age and weighs a minimum of 2 kgs., you can start using Bravecto flea pill for your dog.

Is Bravecto tasty?

It is not as tasty as your chicken hamburger, but the flavor can be your dog’s favorite. Bravecto comes in a chewable pork flavor, and as per the research, 92% of dogs happily eats Bravecto when given.

What if my dog swallows Bravecto instead of chewing it?

There is no difference between the ways of consumption. The pill must be administered, and if your dog swallows it instead of chewing, there is not any problem. You can even mix the medicine with food while feeding your dog.

Does Bravecto fit into the yearly wellness program for dogs?

Absolutely yes! As Bravecto gives a long 3 months protection to your dog against fleas and ticks, it fits in the gastrointestinal worming program for your dog. The annual vaccination visits for veterinary clinics also dispense clients with four dosages of Bravecto in a year.

How often should I administer Bravecto?

Bravecto gives 3 months protection against fleas and 4 months protection against ticks, but it is entirely safe if you administer your dog with Bravecto after a gap of 8 weeks. Treatment with Bravecto in every 8 weeks is found to be safe and tolerated.

What is the appropriate time of the day to administer Bravecto to my dog?

There is no such time limit or duration which can be considered as appropriate for your dog to chew Bravecto. You can give Bravecto at any time of the day to your dog, and it is advisable to give Bravecto while feeding your dog. You can give your dog to chew it or even can mix it with food. Just be assured that your dog got a total dose of Bravecto.

What if I find dead ticks attached to my dog’s skin?

It is entirely all right. Dead ticks can stick onto your dog’s skin, and you can quickly brush them off as compared to live ones.

Is Bravecto safe, if my dog is Pregnant?

Yes. Bravecto is very safe even when your dog is pregnant or breeding or lactating.

You may have many other questions, rather than these. If it’s so, you have all the rights to ask your doctor. Remember it is always better to know every nitty-gritty about any medicine before applying that. When it is about the safety of your dog you can be some extra cautious because you love your dog, don’t you?